Sidelined Premieres on Lifetime!


New Addition to the Family!

What a great day! We invited our beautiful new nephew into our family. Godmother life is the best life!

MC photo.jpg
Marie Callender Commercial

If you suddenly have a feeling you're craving Mac n Cheese right now, it may have something to do with THIS!

Surprise of a Lifetime!
I got engaged!
Never have I ever been more surprised in my life :) There is nothing like a special day being surrounded by family and friends.
Instruments of Rage
Short Film

Enduring a month of intense fight choreography definitely is not easy but boy was it worth it!

Movie coming soon...

abuse of power.jpg
Deadly Power

I was able to tell the heart-breaking story of a woman in the Air Force. It was an incredible journey with the cast and crew. It premiered May 2018 on Oxygen.